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A Community of Local Makers Who Create in Clay

The Ventura County Potters’ Guild is a community of over 130 people devoted to the ceramic arts. Founded in 1957, we create opportunities to share our craft with one another and with the public at large. Connecting with like minded people is the top benefit valued by the artists in our community. Whether you are a studio potter with decades of experience or a student new to the craft/art form, you will find a place in the Guild.

We collectively challenge our own personal skills and each other's in a variety of Guild sponsored activities that occur throughout the year. We have found ways to broker our collective purchasing power through Guild coordinated clay and material purchases. 

Service to the Guild by members reinforces the collective benefits of being part of a ceramic artist community while ensuring our ability to sustain and grow a wide variety of events, activities and offerings.

Think about becoming a Member or Patron of the Ventura County Potters' Guild!

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