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Lynn’s fascination and love of art and clay began early in her life. Her elementary school was across the street from the Honolulu Academy of Art where she would attend classes. During college years, she connected more with clay with Mr. James at U of O. Following years of moving with her husband in the U. S. Navy and raising children, she returned to clay, building a studio in their backyard in San Diego. When she and her husband moved to Ojai, four years ago, she began exploring new forms and glazes.

Primarily self taught, she learned through practice, classes with Lana Wilson and Barrett Jackson and workshops with Vivika and Otto Heino and others. She has also been influenced by the work of Laura Andreson and others seen in museums when traveling. She thinks that functional pots should be technically well made, lovely to look at, and fun to use. She worked for 20 years in mid range electric, producing primarily functional pieces. She has now been working with cone 10 Porcelain and Stoneware for 20 years, always finding new ways of expression. She is motivated by the challenges of trying new glazes, mixing them herself in her pottery. Working with clay is, for her, creative, challenging and fulfilling. 

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