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I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another and I am in wonder of my fellow artist friends that can tell you where their art and ideas come from. When asked to explain a piece or to talk about my work, I feel that it speaks for itself and that everyone will interpret it according to their own experience and emotion and I am happy with that.

My art seems to flow through me from "that " place within, a kind of magical is my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass. I very much enjoy color in my pieces...the more vibrant the better and I love it when my glazes come out in swirls and drips and mix in unusual ways. The more conservative and traditional observer is often thrown with my work, as I will mix different mediums and cross traditional lines.

I am always trying new color and mixing them in unusual ways, which can be very inefficient. My work is always evolving...even when doing production pieces, they are ever changing. When one experiments often, one makes mistakes often! The idea of staying within specific boundaries feels like death to my artistic enthusiasm.

Influences: First and foremost, everything I see, feel and experience...I have always loved color and started out painting in acrylics and watercolor...My mother and sister were both painters and musicians so growing up with art prepared me for my own discoveries...I found clay and fell in love and it only gets better as long as I stay open, and go with change and new discoveries.

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